4 Ways to Enjoy Fishing in Avalon & Stone Harbor

As the winter warms into spring, it doesn’t take long for people to begin thinking about spring and summer vacations. Everyone can look forward to their favorite outdoor adventures and pastimes. One favorite summer activity is fishing. Embark on a long, deep sea fishing trip or fish from a small charter or even on the beach. No matter what you choose to do, Avalon and Stone Harbor, New Jersey is the place for you.

Experienced and novice fishermen alike can take part in beach house rentals and enjoy. When you come to Avalon and Stone Harbor, no prior fishing experience is required! Avalon and Stone Harbor has a lot to offer visitors, vacationers, and residents, which is why many make this place a yearly vacation destination. Read on to learn more about the best fishing spots and beach house rentals.

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1. Avalon & Stone Harbor Fishing Trips for Kids

If you are taking the family on a fishing trip for the first time, then consider Avalon and Stone Harbor. There are many specialty fishing trips for children of all ages to learn all about boating and fishing. There are also a number of fishing and boating options, such as sunset cruises and various tours on fishing charters. In the island, you are bound to find something fun for the kids. Tour the Offshore Canyons and the Back Bays, giving you and your family the fishing experience that will last a lifetime. Check out Miss Avalon fishing charters. For the more adventurous hook up with Over Under Sportfishing.

2. Boating, Sightseeing, and Cruises

Even if fishing isn’t for you, there are still a number of other activities you can enjoy on the water. There are various boating tours and back bay cruises for sightseeing and crabbing. These bay cruises are a great opportunity to tour the harbor and view the beautiful properties along the bayfront of Stone Harbor and Avalon.

fishing in avalon stone harbor

3. Avalon & Stone Harbor Deep Sea Fishing

In addition to the many water activities, cruises, and tours for families, Avalon Stone Harbor also offers deep sea fishing trips for the more experienced. There are deep sea fishing trips with various durations available, such as 5-hour or half-day charters, 8-hour day charters, and even 10-hour extended day charters. The 5-hour charters are best for families and children that want to enjoy the boating and fishing experience but also still be within the sight of land. The longer charters are best for adults, as these charters travel a bit farther offshore for a complete fishing experience. Deep sea fishing offers a chance to see what fishing out on the Atlantic Ocean is really like.

4. Avalon & Stone Harbor Offshore Fishing

Fishing in Avalon and Stone Harbor can be enjoyed from May until November. You can catch and discover over 40 varieties of fish, including:

  • Sea Bass
  • Blue Fish
  • Black Drum
  • Weakfish
  • Marlin
  • Clams
  • Oysters
  • Mussels
  • Crabs

Tournament fishing for sharks, marlin, and tuna are also available. Although the majority of tournament participants are residents of the area, they are also open to visitors and vacationers.

Beach House Rentals

Beach House Rentals in Avalon & Stone Harbor

Avalon and Stone Harbor offers some of the most exciting tours, cruises, and charter fishing in the state of New Jersey, giving visitors, residents, and vacationers the opportunity to catch nearly any type of fish. Whether you are interested in fishing in the back bays or right out on the ocean, scheduling a half-day tour or taking a day trip with one of Avalon Stone Harbor’s charter captains will make for an unforgettable vacation and experience.

Regardless of whether you are considering Avalon and Stone Harbor for the first time or if you have vacationed here in the past, there are plenty of new fishing, boating, and water activities and options that you likely haven’t experienced before. By speaking with a team member of RJ Soens Group, you have access to the best fishing and boating in the state of New Jersey. No other location on the East Coast is quite like this place. If you are interested in making Avalon and Stone Harbor your next vacation destination, then be sure to check out our wide range of affordable and beautiful beach house rentals. Our Renting at the Shore Guide is also available. Book now and take advantage of some of the best deals on Seven Mile Island vacation rentals.

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