Discover the North-End of Avalon, NJ

April 16, 2024

A Haven for Beach Enthusiasts and Active Families with RJ Soens Group of Compass Real Estate

Are you seeking the perfect blend of coastal charm and family-friendly activities in Avalon, NJ?

Look no further than Northern Avalon, where Townsend’s Inlet and the north-end beaches await, offering breathtaking views, exciting boating opportunities, and some of the finest surf along the Jersey Shore. And with the expert guidance of the RJ Soens Group of Compass Real Estate, finding your dream home in this idyllic seaside community has never been easier.

Avalon’s North End

Exploring North-end Avalon: A Playground for All Ages

Northern Avalon boasts a vibrant recreation area spanning from 8th to 12th Street, offering a plethora of activities to keep residents and visitors entertained year-round. From tennis and pickleball courts to basketball hoops and lacrosse camps, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Families with young children will appreciate the playground facilities, providing a safe and fun environment for little ones to explore and play.

Protecting Avalon’s Pristine Beaches

While Northern Avalon offers an abundance of recreational opportunities, it’s essential to address the ongoing issue of beach erosion, particularly from 10th to 15th Street. Since 1987, Avalon has implemented various measures to combat erosion, including major replenishment projects and securing federal funding for future initiatives. Rest assured, Avalon’s commitment to maintaining open beaches ensures that residents and visitors can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of the shoreline for years to come. For the latest updates on beach conditions and conservation efforts, consult the RJ Soens Group of Compass Real Estate for accurate information.

North-end Avalon: Where Tranquility Meets Convenience

One of the unique features of Avalon’s north-end is its four-block width, providing tranquil pockets that are removed from the hustle and bustle of Dune and Ocean Drive while remaining close to the beach. This layout creates an ideal setting for families, offering a safe and peaceful environment for children to roam freely and engage in activities like walking, running, and biking.

Exploring the North-End Attractions: A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

One of the highlights of north-end living is the abundance of recreational opportunities right at your doorstep. At the “Sport Fishing Center” and “Moran’s Dockside” Deli/Bait and Tackle, located at 14th Street and Ocean Drive, residents can indulge in a myriad of activities, from renting kayaks and booking fishing charters to enjoying a delicious meal overlooking the bay and Cedar Island. With plenty of bird and marine life to observe, there’s never a dull moment at this waterfront oasis. For sailing enthusiasts, the Avalon Yacht Club at the end of 7th Street offers sailing lessons, docking facilities, and social activities throughout the year, providing the perfect setting to connect with fellow boaters and embrace the nautical lifestyle.

Charm and Community in Avalon’s North-End

One of the most appealing aspects of north-end living is the charming mix of turn-of-the-century and contemporary architecture, creating a unique and visually stunning streetscape. Whether you’re drawn to historic homes with character or sleek modern residences with state-of-the-art amenities, Avalon’s north-end offers a diverse range of housing options to suit every taste and preference. But beyond its architectural beauty, the north-end of Avalon boasts a strong sense of community, particularly among young families who are drawn to the area’s family-friendly atmosphere and tight-knit neighborhoods. Residents who call the north-end home often find themselves deeply loyal to the neighborhood, fostering lasting connections and friendships that endure for years to come.

Your Gateway to North-end Avalon Real Estate

Ready to make Avalon your home or vacation retreat? Let the RJ Soens Group be your trusted partner in navigating the Avalon real estate market. With our expertise and personalized service, we’ll help you find the perfect property that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


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