Why Avalon & Stone Harbor is Best for Bird Watching

Most people will visit New Jersey for seasonal vacations to relax by the water, visit the beaches, and get a little fishing and boating action in during their stay. These are some of the most popular activities in Avalon and Stone Harbor, New Jersey. There are also a number of other year-round activities and attractions for nature and animal lovers, such as bird watching. Regardless of the season, this area has much to offer visitors, vacationers, and residents. This is why many love to call Avalon and Stone Harbor their home. Read on to learn more about bird watching and where to find the best townhouses for sale in Avalon and Stone Harbor.

The Avalon Sea Watch

Bird lovers of all ages “flock” to Avalon and Stone Harbor for the annual Sea Watch. This is an informal event that takes place from the beginning of October until the middle of November. Birdwatchers from all over the country head to the coastline on the northern tip of Avalon. There, they will watch various seabirds migrate southbound for the winter. An average of 800,000 seabirds can be seen along the coast of New Jersey. Some years have actually counted up to a million seabirds.

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Winter in Avalon & Stone Harbor

If you are an avid bird watcher, then consider visiting during the winter. The winter is a wonderful time to visit the Avalon Stone Harbor Sanctuary. Regardless of the cold weather, visitors still enjoy walking the various paths and trails to take in the magical winter wonderland forests. The leafless trees make it easy to spot resident birds as well as winter visitors from farther north. Annual bird watchers will agree that the winter is still a very active time at the Sanctuary.

Additionally, the Wetlands Institute in Avalon Stone Harbor also hosts a Winter “lunch and learn” lecture series. These lectures are a perfect opportunity for residents and visitors to explore and learn about various topics surrounding New Jersey’s coastal and wetland ecosystems as well as various programs for endangered bird species, such as the barn owl and the American kestrel.

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Spring and Summer Birdwatching

Although there are enough bird watching activities and educational programs during the winter to keep you busy, the spring in Avalon and Stone Harbor means a number of outdoor activities as the weather gets warmer, including various birding and wildlife trails. During the spring, the Point is a critical area for migrating birds and nesting sites. A number of threatened shorebird species have been known to nest here in the spring.

If you are visiting Avalon and Stone Harbor for the summer, then be sure to add bird watching to your itinerary – and don’t forget to bring your binoculars! Summer is the best time of year to find breeding birds throughout the area, including the Point. Summer is also the perfect time of year to hike various trails and enjoy walks along the beach both which present the perfect bird watching opportunities.

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“Nesting” in Avalon & Stone Harbor

If you enjoy bird watching all year, then New Jersey should be your home. This place is truly a birder’s state for many reasons. The state of New Jersey has various landscapes, including wetlands, deciduous forests, meadows and coastal beaches. These diverse habitats attract a number of migrating and resident bird species, making New Jersey a birder’s dream.

Cape May County is the tenth most popular and crucial birding location in the world! This is because New Jersey is located on a flyway where millions of migrating birds travel from North America to South America for the winter. Bird fanatics from all over the country travel to New Jersey to catch a glimpse of these fall migrations.

Townhouses for Sale in Avalon & Stone Harbor

Although you may have considered Avalon and Stone Harbor for a vacation getaway, or maybe you have visited in the past, you can easily make New Jersey your home by looking for townhouses for sale. When living here, you have access to the best bird watching as well as a number of other favorite and popular outdoor activities. If you are interested in relocating to New Jersey, then there are a wide range of affordable and beautiful townhouses for sale throughout Avalon and Stone Harbor. Contact RJ Soens Group for more information.

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